Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Staycation Blues?

Sort through clutter
Enjoy a campfire
Go camping
Mow the lawn
Paint a darn thing
Eat fried clams (whole belly)
Split wood
Save with the tax-free weekend
Read as much as I wanted to
Go to regular recycling
Burn up much gas
Sort fishing gear
Tighten wind-vane directional
Put old futon out at driveway
Do enough laundry
Have to sort any done laundry
Go to dog show
Spit roast a turkey
Fix the gutter drip edges

get happy news about her mammogram
clear utility trailer of junk metal
wash boat
celebrate my and my friend’s big 5-0
boat-racked the rig
sort boat stuff
got oar bag
have dinner with friends, twice
grill (x3)
drink a beer (x?)
make a metal recycler trip
put the rubbish out
lop-off a small oak (by mistake)
swing a pick-ax and work a spud
watch 5 episodes of ‘America’s Test Kitchen’
get surprised by the gift of time-off from mowing
enjoy time with the all healed Spyder Boy kitty
lament the loss of room ‘00’ at the Ellis Inn
start reading new books; and finish them
get to say yes to a moose hunt

Coming Soon: Band Names and Magic Hat top lines

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Anonymous said...

lopped an oak? dude!